Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Recipe | Warm Chicken Pesto Salad

Hi lovelies! Sorry it's been awhile in between posts. I've been moving house and have been internetless. I made this salad for dinner a couple of nights back and it was a really tasty, fresh and satisfying feed. Thought I'd post it up because I tend to prefer salads in the warmer weather. 

Serves 2
1 Chicken breast
1/2 avocado
Seedless green grapes
Salt and Pepper
Ground coriander
1/4 Cucumber
Salad leaves

For the dressing
Fresh basil pesto
Olive oil
Balsamic vinegar
Squeeze of lemon juice

First up I thinly sliced the chicken breast and leave it to briefly marinate in a mixture of ground coriander and lemon juice. I find the lemon helps keep the meat tender during cooking. 

Set the chicken to sit and chop up your remaining salad ingredients. I added 2 handfuls of mixed salad leaves, half of a continental cumber, and a handful seedless grapes, halved. 

I'm afraid I didn't use exact measurements for the dressing however just mix olive oil, balsamic vinegar, a squeeze of lemon juice and around 2 teaspoons of pesto and set aside. 

I chose to fry the chicken breast over a high heat, but you could also steam it if you preferred. Once the chicken has begun to brown remove from the heat and transfer to a bowl.

Pour over the pesto dressing and ensure the chicken is throughly coated in the mixture. 

I also opted to wilt the kale with the remaining heat in the pan and a splash of water. This step is entirely optional, but I prefer the texture of kale when it has been slightly cooked. 

Combine the chicken, kale and salad ingredients and toss thoroughly.

I tend to make up two individual salads one for dinner that night, and one for lunch the next day so I divide up the chicken between the two. 

This makes a filling salad perfect for the hot summer nights we're currently having. You might be sceptical about the grapes, but they make for a really great contrast to the pesto.

What are your favourite summer salads?

Jess x

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