Sunday, 28 September 2014

OOTD | Sayonara To The Weekend

Kimono - gift / black slip dress - Target / Dr Martens - vintage/retro via Paddington Antique Centre / backpack - Pineland Leather via gift / sunglasses - Sportsgirl

Apart from with second-hand clothes my favourite way to dress is simply. I recently purchased this slip to go underneath a garment I found whilst thrifting and I think I have grown to like this than the dress itself. This black slip, that I picked up pretty cheaply at Target, is so ridiculously comfortable that its hard to want to put anything on top. I'm thinking this, and potentially similar items, are going to become staples for me this summer. 

The kimono I'm wearing was a gift to my mother but not particularly her style. Knowing I'd get some wear from it, she passed in on and I am fairly enamoured. Like I said, I love simplicity in an outfit and adding one bold item to an otherwise plain ensemble is how I like to do it. I find myself wearing a lot of black these days so the subtle green with bright peachy lining works perfectly. 

Nothing plays down the delicateness of an outfit like my scuffed up Dr Martens and a backpack so I threw those on to; can't have me looking too lady-like. 

Hope you're all having a spiffing Sunday!
Erin xx

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