Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Hair | Straightening with the InStyler

Hi lovelies! So my hair has changed quite a bit over the course of this blog. From very short, to blue, to pink, I am a floozy when it comes to styles. Now that my hair's a little longer I've really been enjoying wearing it straight. What I've been using for this is an InStyler. 

It looks a bit of a strange contraption but basically it's a brush on one side with a rotating barrel on the other. This allows for a smooth finish, whilst being super easy to use. 

Personally I like to wait until my hair has mostly air dried. Then after getting rid of any tangles I spray in some heat protectant. Then I separate my hair into sections and it's pretty much as easy as brushing it through. 

It's a pretty big departure from my love of volume and sea salt sprays, but if I have the time I've definitely been enjoying the straighter look. I find it tends to tangle less as well. 

What do use to straighten your hair?

Jess x 

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